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Badminton Court Construction made easy

OLYMPIADOS is a turnkey sports contractor, that also provides the entire badminton court flooring to badminton court construction. So we build all types of indoor badminton courts from PVC flooring, wooden badminton court flooring and PU badminton court floorings.  Olympiados is a turnkey sports contractor and so we build indoor badminton court construction to badminton flooring all under one roof for easy and cost-effective construction.

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Synthetic Court Flooring

Olympiados brings you the capability of design also development of indoor badminton courts. We’re specialised in building synthetic court flooring with a variety of BWF approved materials like PVC court flooring, PU badminton court flooring We’re also specialised in designing and installing indoor lighting systems that opotimise the playing conditions and enhances the game.

Indoor Badminton Court Construction

Indoor Badminton court construction requires expert guidance also consultation for you to choose right flooring systems. If its a wooden flooring which wood to choose according to different climatic conditions because of its expansion contraction, how the grains in the wooden planks wood adversely affect the game etc. Olympiados provides you multiple options of BWF approved floorings that last longer and comfortable to play and elevate their game. 

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Badminton is a popular sports in school facility. For their training to competition, you need a competent sports infra company so built a badminton court for your school


Real Estate

As part of the amenities its common to provide badminton court in real-estate projects. Olympiados has a vast experience with India’s premium real-estate companies.



Badminton is an essential sports facility for a Sports Club and its one of the most used facility. Olympiados helps you to built sustainable badminton courts for you.

Sports Contractors of different league

Olympiados is a especially master turnkey sports contractor that provides you with solutions right from consultation to execution. Olympiados has cost-effective and unique solutions for schools also institutions. Whenever you’re looking to build a new sports field or retrofit an existing facility, we can help! Our experienced team of professionals can handle any project—from the design and construction of the sports facility to its maintenance and upkeep. And with our wide range of services, clients have access to everything they need under one roof.

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Your project, Our Skills

Explore our products and services to learn more about your requirements and options. So Connect with us with your requirements, our project team will be happy to help you with design, consultation and with detailed estimation.  

Badminton court should have 44×20 feet size and should leave some area extra for periphery.

An indoor badminton court involves many levels of considerations, badminton hall construction to indoor flooring and lights fixtures and poles. The cost may vary as per the needs and products you chose.
It’s best to have our project team prepare the best quote for you. Get in touch with us. team prepare a best quote for you. Get in touch with us.

Either you can choose a synthetic flooring like PVC flooring or PU floorings or else you can opt for wooden floorings as well.  Olympiados uses BWF certified systems for your indoor flooring. 

Olympiados is an expert badminton court developer and contractors in building right from construction of badminton hall to indoor floorings and lightings. 

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