Badminton Court Construction

Welcome to the best sports infrastructure company in India for badminton court construction and badminton flooring.

Badminton court construction

Olympiados is a turnkey contractor and we build badminton halls to badminton flooring all under one roof for a easy and cost effective construction


Olympiados is a leading sports infra company in India to built different badminton floorings like synthetic PVC flooring, PU flooring and wooden floorings.


Olympiados does all kinds of indoor wooden floorings like maple wood flooring system which is approved by BWF and teakwood wooden court floorings


Olympiados provides proper lighting solutions to a badminton court, which has limited glare and less shadow on the court and has sufficient lux level in the court.

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Olympiados is the only sports infrastructure company in India who is capable of building a sports auditorium to the sports surface and the sports lighting; complete solution, all under one roof. 

“The Badminton Court is my happy place ”

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Badminton is largely an indoor game played on a surface which is extremely important in its shock absorption ability. Badminton courts can be either synthetic or a hardwood system. Olympiados provides all kinds of BWF approved badminton court surfaces like PVC, PU and wooden maple floor systems.

Badminton court is an indoor sport so building a badminton court the major investment is needed for auditorium. The flooring can have different cost effective materials like PVC etc Please talk to our expert to learn more about it.

Badminton court should have 44×20 feet size and should leave some area extra for periphery.

Building a badminton court can be tricky please get in touch with our projects team to help you in building a sustainable badminton court.