Shooting Range Construction

Welcome to the best sports infrastructure company in India for shooting Range construction.

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Shooting Range
Shooting Range Construction

Shooting Range construction

Olympiados is a turnkey contractor and we build shooting ranges from scratch to finish.

Shooting Range Equipments

Olympiados built complete shooting ranges and we also supply shooting range equipment.

Indoor Shooting Range

Olympiados does all kinds of indoor shooting ranges all approved by international shooting sports federation

Outdoor Shooting Range

Olympiados provides proper solutions to a built outdoor shooting ranges as per the international standards.

We’ve got you covered

Olympiados is the only sports infrastructure company in India who is capable of building a shooting range to the sports surface and the sports lighting; a complete solution provider, all under one roof. 

"Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see!"

Shooting is a competitive sport that involves tests of accuracy and speed proficiency using different types of guns such as air guns and firearms. Shooting is a thrilling and rapidly emerging sport in India. Olympiados provides turnkey solutions to build both indoor and outdoor shooting ranges as per international standards. Our team also supplies shooting range equipment as per requirement.

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Shooting ranges are of 10 meter, 25 meter and 50 meter ranges. Generally for indoor 10 meter range is a preferred range.

Indoor range cost would depend upon the number of lanes and shooting range. Please get in touch with our projects team to guide you and give you a proper quote

Olympiados is a turnkey projects contractor, yes we do built the complete shooting range from target, electronic pulley to shooting platform and flooring. Total solutions are provided with in

Yes we do provide shooting accessories and equipment for the shooting ranges we built. 

Building a Shooting Range can be tricky please get in touch with our projects team to help you in building a sustainable shooting ranges.