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Swimming pool construction

Olympiados is a turnkey sports contractor. We built swimming pools for recreation to competition swimming pools, all types of swimming pool developments.

Commercial Swimming pool

Olympiados is a leading sports infra company in India to built different kinds of swimming pools for real estate companies, clubs, and recreational centers.

Olympic Size Swimming pool

Olympiados does all kinds of indoor and outdoor swimming pools of semi - Olympic size and full Olympic size swimming pools.

Competition Swimming Pool

For competition-level swimming pool construction, you need a specialist to build it and Olympiados is a preferred choice for schools and institutions.

We’ve got you covered

Olympiados is the only sports infrastructure company in India that is capable of building a sports auditorium to the sports surface, swimming pool, and sports lighting; complete solution, all under one roof. 

“Swimming is probably the ultimate of burnout sports”

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The size of a standard Olympic size swimming pool is 50m (Length) *25m (Width).

Construction process of Swimming pool involves various steps like selection of location and design, excavation of earthwork, construction of swimming pool base, steel cage reinforcement. To know more, get in touch with us .

It depends on the size of the pool to be constructed. The construction process usually takes around 8-12 weeks.

The cost of the Swimming pool is dependant on the type and size of pool that needs to be installed. It’s best to have our project team prepare a best quote for you. Get in touch with us.