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Football Field Construction

Football Field Construction made easy

Olympiados is a reputed football field construction company court in India. Also, we are known for the development of high end FIFA approved football courts. As can be seen, we are specialised in developing synthetic grass and natural grass football fields. Another highlight or the USP is we construct from base to football ground development, fencing lighting to drainage systems, we cover it all. As a result, we have developed all types of football fields, both for natural grass and artificial playing surface. The first step is to determine your requirements, then we will design and construct your futsal or full-size football field or artificial turf pitch. With our latest technology and expert knowledge, we can provide you with an exceptional product. Olympiados offers a complete package for developing a football field or an artificial futsal turf. From the ground up, our experienced team will deliver your dream game day space.

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Football Ground Development

Building a football turf constructionl field is a significant investment, but with the right planning and execution, it can provide years of enjoyment for players and spectators alike. If you need help with your football ground. development, consider hiring a professional contractor who has experience likewise sports field construction. a good football field construction is essential for providing a safe, high-quality sports surface that allows players to perform at their best. A well-constructed football field can help prevent injuries to players, including slips, trips, and falls.

Synthetic Football Grass

Olympiados builds quality 5-a-side and 7-a-side futsal court construction right from base works to synthetic turfs, fencing and lighting. Olympiados manufacturers quality football goal posts and also builds fencing and does professional sports lighting. So build a full size football pitch to natural grass football field we are there with you in the football field construction. 

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Football is a must have sports facility for schools. For their training to competition you need a competent sports infra company to built a basketball court for your school


Real Estate

As part of the amenities its a common concept to provide futsal court in real-estate projects. Olympiados has a vast experience with India’s premium real-estate companies.



Sports Clubs does coaching , practice games and even inter corporate events and competitions in football turfs.  Olympiados helps you to built sustainable courts for you.

Sports Contractors of different league

Olympiados will help you design also construct the perfect basketball court flooring system to accommodate your needs. Our expert team can get your dream court up and running in no time. basically, our sport court flooring is developed to be versatile and durable and it is FIBA-approved flooring. Olympiados has an expert team of engineers to develop a basketball court from base to sports flooring. 

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Your project, Our Skills

Explore our products and services to learn more about your requirements and options. Connect with us with your requirements, our project team will be happy to help you with design, consultation and with detailed estimation.  

The cost to Install Football Turf is Based on the Size of the Football Field. 

Football turfs come in different shapes and sizes and it all depends on the size of the field and how you want to build it, be it a futsal or a natural grass football field. Please contact our team to guide you on the project.

If you’re building a futsal you can go for infilled or non filled artificial turf. The filled grass has silicon sand and rubber granuels whichg ensure the comfort and longevity of the turf. however new age turfs that can be built with no infill and that reduces the maintenance cost. Please contact our project team to guide you better on this.

For a full size football ground it should have a minimum of 45×90 meter size. however there are 5A side football pitches and 7 a side football grounds where the ideal sizes are depend upon the convenience and land availability. 

If its a natural grass football field then the building and maintaining of the ground is a different ball game and you need an experienced hands for that. But if you’re looking to built a artificial turf then the build is not complicated and maintenance as well, however it is best advised to get it done from an expert team like Olympiados