Football Ground construction

Welcome to a new age of sports infrastructure company, Olympiados, a top company in building quality football grounds and futsal courts.

synthetic football grass mat
Football Field Artificial Turf

Natural Grass football field

Olympiados is experts in developing FIFA standard natural grass football fields. A turnkey solution provider of International grade.

Synthetic football Grass

Olympiados is leading supplier and installer of artificial grass football turfs We provide FIFA approved quality football artificial grass.

Futsal court construction

Olympiados builds quality 5 a side and 7 a side futsal courts right from base works to synthetic turfs, fencing and lighting.

Futsal ground equipment

Olympiados manufacturers quality football goal posts and also builds fencing and does professional sports lighting

We’ve got you covered

Olympiados is a one stop solution for you for developing a football field or an artificial turf futsal turf. We develop from the base to natural grass football pitch, Fencing, 5 A side Futsal, 7 A side Futsal and its fencing and lighting as well.

“Football is God's gift to humanity”

At the foundation of every football field are the latest innovations and the ever-changing ways of the sport. A sport like football demands great sports infrastructure. A proper football field should have benefits like shock absorption, durability, and traction-boosting grass styles. To benefit from the appropriate pricing of the project, variables are taken into account when calculating football pitch dimensions. Costs are variable to determine location and field dimensions. At Olympiados, natural grass and artificial grass ground construction are made in accordance with FIFA standards. 

Your Project, Our Skills

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Football turfs comes in different shapes and sizes and it all depend on the size of the field and how you want to built it, be it a futsal or a natural grass football field. Please contact our team to guide you on the project

If you’re building a futsal you can go for infilled or non filled artificial turf. The filled grass has silicon sand and rubber granuels whichg ensure the comfort and longevity of the turf. however new age turfs that can be built with no infill and that reduces the maintenance cost. Please contact our project team to guide you better on this.

For a full size football ground it should have a minimum of 45×90 meter size. however there are 5A side football pitches and 7 a side football grounds where the ideal sizes are depend upon the convenience and land availability. 

If its a natural grass football field then the building and maintaing of the ground is a different ball game and you need an expereinced hands for that. But if you’re looking to built a artificial turf then the build is not complicated and maintenance as well, however it is best advised to get it done from an expert team like Olympiados