Multi-Purpose court

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multi purpose court flooring
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Multi-purpose court construction

Olympiados is an expert in constructing multi-purpose courts. We do turnkey projects from synthetic acrylic flooring to the total construction of multi-purpose courts.

Multi-purpose court

Olympiados is experienced in planning and designing multi-purpose courts having several sports within one court which suits your requirement.

Multi-purpose court equipments

The aim of a multi-purpose court is to provide flexibility of several sports activities in one space. Olympiados manufactures all kinds of movable and fixed poles.

multi- purpose fencing &lighting.

Olympiados also does the fencing, drainage, and lighting solutions for the multi- purpose court for you to have a single point co-ordination and services.

We’ve got you covered

Olympiados has the expert team to guide you and suggest you what best fits for your available area and keeping budget in mind. We design plan and execute various multi purpose courts as per the needs. 

“Sell the problem you solve, not the product you offer”

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There are no fixed size for a multi- purpose court area, it can vary as per the site requirements, budgets and convenience. Our team can suggest you what can ideally fit into a certain area of amenity space looking at the orientation and other factors.

At Olympiados we don’t do pushy sales, or try to sell the product we have the highest margins. We suggest products what is ideally suited to the site not what we have.

Multi- Purpose come in various sizes and requirements and the cost also varies from the material selection and durability of the construction.

Multi-purpose courts can have Acrylic 5 layer system which is commonly being used and then 8 layer acrylic cushion court system, it can have multi-purpose synthetic turfs, also you can use PP tiles. 

Please get in touch with us for any assistance in constructing multi purpose courts.