Sports Light is not a Flood Light

Sports Light

A sportsperson playing under the light wishes not to have glare on his eyes and shadow falling on the ground. However, the luminous and LUX level on the ground cannot be compromised. This is not a small foot to achieve. There goes a lot of attention and science while choosing the lights and their position. Olympiados is a specialist in designing and executing sports lighting as per the different sports and different levels of the game. A LUX-level requirement of a residential society will be different than a Tournament game. And that would be different from TV-relayed professional matches. Olympiados is a champion in designing innovative solutions for Sports Lighting. For an indoor Sport, we recommend having a mix of natural light and artificial light.

Why not Flood Lighting for Sports Lighting/ Stadium Lighting?

A good Sports lighting need to have a focused lighting where useful light is best used for the advantage to the sportsmen, which eliminates the shadow in the courts. Whereas a flood light, as the name suggests it floods and creates a lot of light pollution.

Since the light is flooded all over the place, it can’t give a desired luminous in the playing area. Also, it creates glare onto the player’s eyes. Therefore, a smart and scientific lighting solution is necessary for your indoor as well as outdoor play areas.

Focus lights of ground stadium of pole