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Squash Court Construction

squash court construction
squash court flooring
sports court construction

Squash court construction

Olympiados is a turnkey sports contractor and we build squash courts all under one roof for easy and cost-effective construction.

Squash court flooring

Olympiados is a leading sports infra company in India to build a squash court with approved maple wooden floorings.

Squash court contractor

Olympiados does total work of squash court construction like maple wood flooring system, wall plastering, and glass back wall.

Squash court glass wall

Olympiados provides proper solutions for squash court flooring, with squash court size and dimensions also a glass back walls.

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Olympiados offers a complete squash court construction ranging from squash court dimensions, measurements, wall construction, and rebound boards to glass partitions and flooring – A complete turnkey solution. 

“if you can't beat them, SQUASH them!”

Squash ranks amongst the top 5 popular sports in India. It is a challenging sport to play. The ability to exercise in a small space makes it a very compelling sport. Squash consists of a proper wall system that allows for effective ball rebound and state-of-the-art flooring. It allows for the back-and-forth, side-to-side movements required in squash. Flooring provided by Olympiados has excellent slip resistance and shock absorption qualities which is essential in preventing injuries. We also ensure that the hardness of the floor is correct to ensure a proper ball bounce.

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Squash court consists of indoor hall with the standard dimensions, but the total cost of building a squash court varies from the quality of materials you choose, like the wooden flooring, wall rebound plastering, glass partition. Please reach out our projects team to help you with right quote. 

Following is the dimensions of a standard squash court.

  • Length of the squash court is 9.75m and width of court is 6.4m
  • Height from floor to lower edge of front wall line is 4.57m and height from floor to lower edge of back wall line is 2.13m.
  • Height from floor to lower edge of service line on front wall is 1.780 and height from floor to top of the tin is 4.8m.
  • Distance to nearest edge of short line from back wall is 4.26m.
  • Dimensions of service boxes is 1.600m.
  • Width of all lines and upper section of tin is 5cm.
  • Minimum clear height above court floor is 5.640m

Maintenance of a squash court is easy. the indoor care instructions, do’s and dont’s  are already in the website for your perusal.

Yes we do provide complete installation of squash courts. please get in touch with our projects team.