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Cricket ground construction is really a meticulous process that requires  keen eye for detail and expertise. Whether you’re building an expansive natural grass cricket ground or a practice artificial turf cricket pitch, the journey begins with careful planning and diligent execution. From excavating the site to levelling the ground and laying the foundation, each step is very crucial. Our team of skilled professionals at Olympiados specializes in cricket pitch construction and cricket ground construction, ensuring that your vision becomes a reality. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we work tirelessly to create cricket facilities that meet international standards. So, whether you’re aiming to craft a state-of-the-art cricket pitch or a sprawling natural grass cricket ground, trust Olympiados to guide you through the entire construction process, delivering quality that truly stands the test of time.

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Natural Grass Cricket Field

Creating state of the art natural grass cricket fields is a task that demands expert precision. These specialists skilfully establish the necessary slope, ensuring adequate ball bounce, implement efficient irrigation systems, and design underground drain systems that function seamlessly. They also meticulously select the right natural grass varieties tailored to the specific climatic and geographic conditions. Olympiados proudly stands at the forefront as a leading developer of natural grass cricket pitch. Our reputation is built upon a solid foundation of expertise, in-depth knowledge, comprehensive services, and top-tier products. We integrate cutting-edge technology and a highly effective drainage system into our approach. We fully understand the distinctive challenges involved in crafting natural grass cricket fields, and our unwavering commitment is to ensure they meet and exceed the most stringent standards.

Synthetic Grass Cricket Field

Olympiados is a highly reputed and professional installer of synthetic cricket pitches across India. We help our esteemed clients build their state-of-the-art cricket pitches. Our team also offers a wide range of sports infrastructure consulting and equipment for the same. The materials we use replicate the look and feel of a natural grass pitch. Our exceptional cricket pitch is perfect for players to practice their batting, bowling, and fielding techniques without worrying about injuries, and ball bounce.

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Cricket is a popular sports and hence becomes a must have sports facility for schools. You need a professional company to build sports infrastructure for schools.


Real Estate

As part of the amenities its a common concept to provide Cricket practice pitch in real-estate projects. Olympiados has a vast experience with many real-estate companies for their amenity infra.



Sports Clubs does coaching , practice games and even inter corporate events and competitions in synthetic turfs.  Olympiados helps you to built sustainable cricket pitches for you.

Sports Contractors of different league

Olympiados will help you design and construct world-class Cricket pitches with state of the art irrigation, drainage systems with aerated systems for international matches that drain the ground right after the rain and ready to play grounds. Our expert team can help you build international standard cricket grounds in natural grass. We are also suppliers and installers of artificial synthetic turfs for cricket pitches. 

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Your project, Our Skills

Explore our products and services to learn more about your requirements and options. Connect with us with your requirements, our project team will be happy to help you with design, consultation and with detailed estimation.  

Cricket practice wicket is either a half wicket or a full cricket turf size pitch. The important element of a quality practice wicket is to have a good quality turf for good ball bounce. The other is a cage and nets. The cricket turf construction cost depends upon how you want to built a nets a half pitch or a full pitch or a customised  size. Please get in touch with our projects team for an appropriate quote.

The cricket pitch length is 22 yards, almost 20.12 meters, or 66 feet in length. The width of a cricket pitch is 10 feet or 3.05 meters, and it measures the distance between each wicket from either end of the field. Cricket nets dimensions is the same length as a standard cricket pitch.

Cricket practice pitch is generally a synthetic turf, For a natural grass cricket ground is largely made on American blue grass or Korean S1 grass

A cricket practice wicket can either be a half-pitch or a full-pitch. Generally a practice wicket cage is built with a 10 x 10 x 35 feet or 70 feet.