Basketball Court Construction

Building Grounds For The Champions

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Basketball Court Construction made easy

Olympiados is a renowned basketball court contractor and developer in India. We are ahead of the game in designing also constructing world-class basketball court construction. We built FIBA approved and certified courts constructing from base to synthetic flooring and fencing lighting to drainage systems, also we covered it all. Olympiados is a master turnkey sports contractor who is specialised in basketball court construction. We have a variety of materials to chose from for your outdoor basketball court and indoor basketball courts. So we develop the whole ground-up construction of outdoor courts from sub-base preparation to fencing and lighting to synthetic basketball courts. Also basketball contractor we design and develop all kinds of acrylic basketball courts, and indoor basketball wooden flooring. 

Basketball Court Construction
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Outdoor Basketball Court Construction

Olympiados brings you the capability of design and construction of outdoor basketball courts. whereas specialized in building synthetic courts with a bitumen base that is durable and with a maximum tolerance of 5 mm undulations. We design outdoor courts as per the climatic situation, sub-base, and soil conditions. Olympiados is a turnkey project contractor and we do complete solutions e.g. edge-walls, drainage, fencing, and lighting design and commissioning as per the requirements.

Indoor Basketball Court Construction

Indoor Basketball court construction requires expert guidance and consultation for you to choose right flooring systems. similarly If it a wooden flooring which wood to choose according to different climatic conditions because of its expansion contraction, So how do the grains in the wooden planks wood adversely affect the game etc. Olympiados provides you with multiple options of FIBA-approved floorings that last longer and are comfortable to play and elevate your game. We have indoor PU floorings that suit multiple uses, longevity, color, also comfort. Also the indoor lighting design layout and installations to bring the game to optimum levels. 

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Basketball is a must have sports facility for schools. For their training to competition you need a competent sports infra company to built a basketball court for your school


Real Estate

As part of the amenities its a common concept to provide basketball court in real-estate projects. Olympiados has a vast experience with India’s premium real-estate companies.



Sports Clubs does coaching , practice games and even inter corporate events and competitions in basketball courts.  Olympiados helps you to built sustainable courts for you.

Sports Contractors of different league

Olympiados will help you design and construct the perfect basketball court flooring system to accommodate your needs. simultaneously our expert team can get your dream court up and running in no time. Our sport court flooring is developed to be versatile and durable and it is FIBA-approved flooring. Olympiados has an expert team of engineers to develop a basketball court from base to sports flooring. 

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Your project, Our Skills

Explore our products and services to learn more about your requirements and options. So connect with us with your requirements, and our project team will be happy to help you with design, similar consultation, and detailed estimation.  

There are two sizes commonly used for basketball courts. A high school would have a basketball court dimension of 84 X 50 feet. The other measurement of a basketball court is 94’ X 50 ‘as per NBA standards. There are also half-size basketball courts being constructed for leisure and practice.

A basketball court construction cost to build an indoor basketball court involves many levels of base work, synthetic surface, fencing, lighting, and basketball poles. The cost may vary as per the needs and products you choose. It’s best to have our project team prepare the best quote for you. Get in touch with us. team prepare a best quote for you. Get in touch with us.

An acrylic surface is largely used for outdoor basketball courts and the alternative surface is made using PP Tiles. Olympiados uses certified acrylic 5 and 8 layer systems for outdoor courts. We also provide indoor basketball wooden courts, as well as PVC/PU synthetic materials as per FIBA specifications. 

Olympiados is an expert basketball court developer and contractors in building both indoor and outdoor Basketball courts. We construct outdoor basketball courts from the asphalt base up to the synthetic surface. Olympiados also a basketball court manufacturer for quality basketball poles, fencing and provide lighting systems as per the requirements.