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running track flooring
running track flooring
running track flooring


Olympiados is authorised Running Track construction company with certified systems


Olympiados provides with multiple options for IAAF certified running track systems


Olympiados has multiple options for synthetic jogging track applications and installation

base Work

Olympiados is a turnkey sports projects contractor and we built running track base.

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Olympiados provides you with one stop solution right from drawings and designs of the track to the construction of the
certified running track including the civil work. A turnkey solution for IAAF certified running track systems. 

“set your goals high and don't stop till you get there!”

Olympiados is a turnkey sports contractor for Running tracks.  Our team provides expert consultation, and design work for the construction of running tracks, and track installations along with continued support post-installation.

Athletes deserve a good athletic track for better performance. Our commitment to quality and workmanship is unparallel. Olympiados has multiple options for running track flooring and installation with IAAF-certified running track systems.

Our expert engineers will take care of every minute detail of the track, field construction, and athletic track installation. Olympiados supplies all the necessary maintenance equipment to keep up the surface which will, in turn, maximize the performance and lifespan of the product.

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The cost of constructing a running track is based on the length of the track, number of lanes included in the track, type of surface installed. To know 
more about the construction process of running track, please get in touch with us.

The standard length of running track is 400m. However, 200m & 300m tracks can also be constructed as per the International Association of Athletics Federation.

Different types of surfaces used in running tracks are rubber, acrylic, occasionally artificial turf, and asphalt.

The width of the lanes in the 400m running track is 4 feet.