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STER MT is an exclusive product of OLYMPIADOS made with KDK yarn which is largely used for multipurpose play area. STER MT is  preferred by schools and real estate companies. This turf has a fibrillated yarn which can be used to play various sports such as cricket, football, volleyball, hockey etc.

multipurpose court flooring


STER FT is a high quality football turf, preferred by school and football academies across the globe. It is a 50 mm long pile grass. STER FT has an infill system (rubber granules and silica sand) which gives a better grip and more comfort to players while playing football. 

synthetic football grass turf


STER FIFA is a FIFA certified football turf. It is a third generation football turf made with the polypropylene yarn which has an infilling system that gives proper grip and comfort to the players and help them to avoid injuries. It is all weather and hard wearing turf with very long life.

synthetic turf


STER CT is an approved and certified cricket turf  which is being used at professional level. This turf has slightly tilted, short pile artificial yarn which gives bowlers a proper bounce  and skid effect to the ball. STER CT is an exclusive product of OLYMPIADOS.

Cricket Pitch Turf

High performance Acrylic surfaces

Slip resistant high performance anti skid outdoor court floorings with durable UV resistant Acrylic sports surfaces

High Performance Acrylic Systems

High Performance Synthetic Turfs

MARV - 5

5 Layer Acrylic System

acrylic synthetic flooring

MARV - 8

8 Layer Cushion System

Acrylic Court Maintenance

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MARV 5 Acrylic

Certified System
72 Per Square Feet
  • Certified System
  • 2 Years Warranty

MARV 5 Acrylic

Non Certified System
60 Per Square Feet
  • 5 Layer System
  • 1 Year Warranty

MARV 8 Acrylic

Certified System
95 Per Square Feet
  • Certified System
  • 2 Year Warranty

MARV 8 Acrylic

Non Certified System
82 Per Square Feet
  • 8 Layer System
  • 1 years Warranty