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Olympiados has extensive experience in developing kid's play areas for real estate companies also schools.

EPDM Rubber Flooring

Olympiados does quality EPDM safety flooring for the children's play area. Our installation is durable, UV-protected, crack-free, and sustains for a longer duration.


We also provide indoor play equipment like TT tables, Foosball tables, Carrom, and other many indoor play equipment. We also supply kinder play equipment.


Olympiados studies your requirement and as per that we design and conceptualize the play area as per the need and number of kids occupying it at a time.

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At Olympiados, we conceptualize your requirements by looking at the number of children playing at a time and creating designs in accordance with the aesthetics of the architect. We are highly conscious of children’s safety, also we recommend the safety flooring of EPDM, as per European safety standards.

“Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity!”

Olympiados designs also conceptualize kid’s play areas for children to reality. Obviously, your child’s safety is our utmost concern. Likewise, our team understands the importance of providing a good also safe play environment for the overall development of a child. firstly Olympiados Kids Play Area Flooring Solutions offer the best quality flooring solutions to ensure kid’s safety also holistic development. We use following 3-D modelling to facilitate and explain our concepts, design, also layout for better understanding. Another having a 3-D model at hand will help with planning, assembling, also future upgradation. We bring children’s play area space to life with a professionally rendered visualization, kid’s playground equipment, sports flooring, also wall graphics allowing us to see the finished space in all its actual form Last.

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EPDM playground flooring is a synthetic rubber which is used for safety flooring and other sports flooring for the purpose of reducing injuries.

Yes, at Olympiados we design the kids play area as per the area available and also the kids playing at a time.

EPDM is considered a safe floor for outdoor kids play area, as it absorbs impact and durable as it is UV treated and sustainable for a longer duration.

EPDM thickness is largely decided upon the free fall height and head impact and accordingly designed of two generally used thickness of 36 mm ie 30mm SBR and 6 mm EPDM and 25 mm thickness where 19 mm SBR and 6 mm EPDM is used.