4 Things You Should Know About Badminton Court

4 Things You Should Know About Badminton Court

Badminton  has long competed as a competitive sport. However, right yet there are still many people who treat about Badminton court as a backyard sport. A sport that is only for enjoyment and not much effort is required. But the fact is Badminton is as competitive and as tough as any other sport. Badminton players are as fit as tennis players, football players or any other sportsmen or women. A game that indicates speed, stamina, power, and delicate skills. It is also a game of tactics and mental fitness. Badminton is also known as physical chess.

Shuttle traveling at a speed upwards of 400kph or the fragile of drop shots, the margin for error is just about nada! Hence the understanding of the court and how to use the space makes the decision of winning or losing. About badminton court is usually a wooden floor with synthetic mats used as the surface of the court. The courts are intended to provide comfort to players who use the playing surface to trick their opponents with clever shots and win points. Therefore, keeping the court surface prim and proper is mandatory.  A badminton court is for two types of competition – singles and doubles. 

Badminton Court: Types Of Surface 

  1. Synthetic surface: This surface is the most common surface used in most top-class Badminton venues. For professional matches, this surface comes with a wooden base on top of which synthetic mats are laid. These courts provide a good bounce and protect your knees from injuries and scale-back strain.
  2. Wooden surface: Other than synthetic surfaces most venues support wooden courts.  This surface provides a good setup to play with good bounce.
  3. Acrylic surface: They are most similar to synthetic surfaces. The amount of shock absorption is not as smart as the synthetic courts or the wooden courts. They come in various colors.
  4. Cement surface: Cement surface was used in the past for Badminton courts.  This surface is mostly used in outdoor badminton matches where the surface is made using concrete. It is not suited for regular play as the surface is very hard and might result in injuries to the players. The surface should be made of either hardwood or synthetic material.

About Badminton

There are benefits common to all sports. Badminton has some positive points that differentiate it from others. There are some very specific reasons for playing this game. Speedy shuttlecock develops physical and mental agility. The combined agility of mind and body results in breeding fantastic reflexes and advances the ability to process thoughts and accurately develop a plan of action both on and off-court. Over time this improves the mind and body balance.