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How Jugaad Takes Away Our Core Competence in Sports?

 Benefits of right sports flooring surface

Why India with 1.4 billion people can’t produce an athlete who can be a serious competition to any international standard? Have you stopped wondering why India lags pathetically low in the medal tally in the Olympics? Do you want to know how jugaad takes away our core competence and produces mediocre sportsmen for our country? 

Let’s take a Basketball court for a case study. Basketball is played in most schools across India, then why haven’t we heard of any progress or achievements in this sport internationally? The obvious answer can be, we lack sports flooring surface at the grass root level, or else we say we have limited access to quality sports facilities where we can train and nurture our talents. The truth is we kill our nation’s talents with our jugaad mentality. 

Arguably 90% of the schools that claim to have basketball court flooring have a concrete surface and have just poles fixed. These are jugaad courts with the only purpose of claiming to have basketball courts. There is no proper thought or vision going behind these so-called facilities. Seldom do they realize It does more harm than good. Basketball is a game of sudden starts, stops, cuts, and accelerations. It involves excessive running and it is very important to offer the right sports flooring surface to improve the game performance.

Concrete Courts:

Acrylic Sports Surfaces


Concrete Basketball Court

Concrete courts have poor bounce and shock absorption. They also become slippery, if there is dust on them, which makes them more injury prone. People with weak knees and ankles should avoid playing for long periods of time on concrete courts, as the impact can hurt the knees, ankles, shin bone, and feet, which leaves us with wooden and synthetic flooring materials as the only obvious choices.

If your basketball court has uneven patches where concrete is sticking up out of the ground, this is a huge safety hazard that could trip someone up during a game. Not many people appreciate a crash landing on concrete, and that’s what you set people up for if you don’t fix the situation.

Olympiados Synthetic Basketball Court


Olympiados Synthetic Basketball Court

Even if the players know the court has some issues, someone might get caught up in the heat of the game and forget that a certain section should be avoided when they run for a loose ball. A twisted ankle or a face-first plant into the concrete can be likely.

If your concrete basketball court falls into such a state of disrepair that it is actively dangerous to play on, you are soon going to have a situation where no one wants to play on it at all. Synthetic court flooring has good bounce and anti-slip properties and gives good traction for shoes, which is why it’s used in international circuits. Synthetic courts are economical and durable and also give excellent abrasion resistance and uniform texture. The time has come to demolish your concrete court and build a new or transform uninspiring functional areas into vivid, attractive sports spaces.