Modern day football pitch size in the city landscape

football pitch size Olympiados
football pitch sizeOlympiados

The full football pitch size is cut down to convenience and land availability and reduced to 5 A side football, 7 A side football, 9 a side football, and the modern era of futsal pitches emerged in mostly Tier 1 and tier 2 cities. Football as a game is evolving with the modern times because of the fast urbanization and real estate prices sky rocketing. Football natural grass is replaced with football turfs and high fencing being provided to prevent ball going outside and flood lights enabled to play even in the nights. The game is evolved with the limitations but the passion for the game is ever improving every passing day. 

As a sports infrastructure company Olympiados, we being often asked with one perennial question – what is the size of a futsal ground or what is the size of a 5 A side football pitch? 

And our standard answer remains there are no standard sizes what ever above 500 sqm rectangle size plot can be converted to a small football pitch. 

Futsal pitch sizes are significantly smaller than standard full size football grounds. Roughly consider a football size is one third of a football ground. The smaller size of a futsal court makes the game more exciting as the players are in close proximity and they are in constant move, which makes the game more dynamic. 

Football pitch dimensions can be as follows:

Length 25 -42 m (82-138 feet)

Width 16 – 25 m (52-82 feet)

  • Goal area is a rectangle measuring 9.15 meters (30 feet) wide by 16.47 meters (54 feet) deep.
  • Penalty area is a semicircle with a radius of 6 meters (20 feet) drawn from the midpoint of the goal line.
  • Centre circle has a radius of 3 meters (10 feet).
  • Touchlines (long boundaries) must be longer than the goal lines (short boundaries).

Where in a full football ground size is of Length 90–120 m (295–394 feet) and width of 45 – 90 meters (148 – 295 feet)

As you can see the Futsal pitches are significantly smaller than regular football pitches. which allows for a faster, more technical game with more touches of the ball. 

Another question we are often asked is whether do they need a FIFA-certified football turf? 

To answer to this, we want to bring to readers attention that a FIFA approved turf is only a luxury and not a necessity. All you can look for a quality product with a 5 or above years warranty to the product. Because having a rather expensive FIFA certified product is not going to get you a FIFA certified process and the product alone is not going to guarantee the quality of play or enhance the game or increased life of the product. 

Futsal pitches are designed to built to have a fast paced exciting game play, where you can focus on developing techniques, quick decision making, improved fitness and agility. Also it is built for safer playing environment and community building. A futsal is an unique alternative to football grounds but it is not a regular football ground. Enjoy your game. 

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